ceiling panels


Many people forget that ceilings are just as susceptible as walls and floors to the difficult conditions found in most bathrooms and shower rooms.

Moist air and porous surfaces make an ideal breeding ground for mould - and once it takes hold it can be very difficult the eradicate. Choose your ceiling covering carefully - make sure the materials are up to the task.

Your choice of covering will determine how long it will last and how much maintenance it will require over its life span, so choose wisely and take all these factors into account.


So What Are The Options For My Ceiling?

There are quite a few ways of finishing your ceiling, but broadly they fall into the following categories:

  • PVC ceiling panels
  • wooden bathroom cladding
  • painted plaster
  • wallpaper
  • texturing compound

Only one of these options will require no maintenance - ceiling panels - all of the other will lead to extra work in the long run, as they just are not designed to function in the moist atmosphere of bathrooms.

white panels for ceiling