There are many option when it comes to covering the floor of your bathroom but you need to choose wisely as some products will work better than others – especially in the long run.

The common floor coverings used in bathrooms are ceramic tiles, vinyl, carpet, carpet tiles, wood and laminate. Your choice will be guided by several factors, with cost and floor substrate usually playing the biggest role in decision making.

An upstairs bathroom with wooden floorboards and joists will flex slightly when walked upon making it difficult (but not impossible) to fit ceramic tiles. Tiles do not cope well with any movement – even the slightest deflection can crack them or the grout used to seal between them. There are special backing boards and flexible grouts and adhesives that need to be used before you even think of going down this route. If your bathroom has a solid masonry floor then you can pretty much go for whatever floor you prefer as there will be no flexing issues.