This is a relatively new product for most people in the UK but bathroom cladding is a tried and tested form of panelling that has been used for over 20 years on the continent. This form of wall covering has grown and grown in popularity as it is relatively cheap, very easy to install nd best of all there is no maintenance once it has been fitted.



The most popular form of this wall covering is made from a hollow section PVC. The panels are tongue and grooved so they slot together to give you a waterproof surface. Being hollow they are very light, so they are easy to handle which can come in very handy in the enclosed spaces found in many bathrooms and showers. They are easy to cut, easy to fit and are totally impervious to water so they last for years. They also look very attractive and stay looking good without any maintenance as unlike tiles they use no grout in their installation.

bathroom cladding construction

The image above shows two small off-cuts of the cladding that have been slotted together using the joint that is built in to each panel. Running a very thin bead of silicone inside the groove when the cladding is installed enables it to be used inside shows and over baths as it is totally waterproof when installed this way.



As you can see from the following photos, bathroom cladding comes in a very wide range of designs. Here, we can see a slate effect design, a beige mosaic design, a wood grain effect and a marble effect. Plain white cladding is also available if you would prefer a completely plain finish but this is a little boring to show on here!

bathroom cladding design 1

bathroom cladding design2

bathroom cladding design 3

bathroom cladding design 4