Decisions, decisions. Which product should you choose to decorate your bathroom walls? Well, there are quite a few options so you have plenty of choice. There are pro’s and cons to most of the different materials so we will provide information to help you choose the right one for you.

Some things governing your choice might be personal, such as budget, others might be physical, such as the state of the walls (old wonky walls are not ideal for tiling over, for example).

If we start with your personal preferences one the biggest factors will be budget. Your personal tatse is also important but if you can’t afford pure white marble walls it’s pointless even looking into it. Once you have a budget in mind then you can look at all of the options that lie within your price range. If your budget doesn’t stretch to natural travertine tiles then the will be other materials available that can emulate the look at a lower cost.

If there is no shower in the bathroom or if the room is very large some areas might get away with materials that would not be suitable for smaller rooms although in general to save yourself headaches in the future we would normally recommend you stay away from wall coverings that are know to be problematic.

We have lots of information on all of the most popular wall coverings which include:

  • ceramic tiles
  • natural stone tiles
  • bathroom cladding
  • bathroom panels
  • wallpaper
  • pianted plaster
  • T&G timber cladding
  • texturing compound



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