beige ceiling panels

"You can have any colour you want - as long as it's white!"

You could be forgiven for thinking that this is the main phrase that applies when trying to select panelling for your bathroom ceiling. At to a certain extent you would be right as the vast majority of panels available tend to be white in colour.

There are several reason s for this. Traditionally most ceiling in Britain have been white so even though panelling is a modern alternative people tend to be quite conservative in their choices so opt for a ceiling that is not too dissimilar to their previous one. 

White is the lightest and most reflective colour so choosing any other option would automatically reduce the overall light levels in the room (although this would be almost imperceptible unless you choose a very dark colour as an alternative).

The other reason is the majority of panels offered for ceiling tend to be white so those are the ones customers usually end up with, but this not reall the case as most wall panels are suitable for use on ceiling as well and the choice of colours of these is quite varied.

The photo above shos a light beige coloured wood-grain panel used on the ceiling. Keeping the colour light does help to make the room feel less enclosed - darker colours tend to have the effect of making the ceiling look lower.

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