ceiling panel materials

In domestic situations there are only really two choices when it comes to ceiling panels - PVC or timber. Both will do the job but the PVC panels will require little or no maintenance while timber panels can suffer in the adverse conditions of bathrooms and might need attention as time goes by.

PVC Ceiling Panels

Although these started out as a specialist item they have grown and grown in popularity so that they are now a regular choice for many householders when looking to re-model their homes. They are light, easy to cut, easy to install and are also relatively cheap. But probably the most popular aspect of PVC panels is that it is not affected by moisture, condensation or even direct contact with shower water. 

Timber Ceiling Panels

Timber ceiling panels were a common site in many households in the 70's but the look has dated somewhat and now is a lot less prevalent. During that time there has also been a large growth in the use of PVC panels which can offer a similar look to painted timber but without any of the drawbacks.