When it comes to ceilings you have two basic choices - keep it plain or make a feature of it.

This ties in with the availability of most ceiling panels as they also tend to fall into one of these two camps. One of the more popular options is to install a panel with a chrome strip to break up the expanse of white. These can be built into the panel or can be a separate trim that fits between the panels - it is worth checking which is which (just in case they are not included as standard).

There are no great differences in performance or application of the two systems - the separate strip version can be a little more fiddly to install but it is not really an issue. The main difference is in appearance. 

Built-In Silver Strip

ceiling panel chrome strip

Panels with a built in silver strip usually give a plank effect with the chrome effect strip in the groove of the design. This is a photo of an off-cut of this type of panel. You can see the hollow construction of the panel but you can also see that each panel gives the effect of being two planks. This means that every panel will have two silver strips meaning the gap between them will be much smaller than if you opted for the panels with a separate chrome strip. The photograph at the foot of this pages uses this design for the strip.

Separate Silver Strip

separate silver strip

This photo shows a panel with a separate silver or chrome effect strip. The panels themselves are completely flat - if they were used without the strip the would provide a flush effect finish. This method uses 1 strip per panel so the overall effect has less strips for any given area of bathroom ceiling. The photograph at the top of this page uses this style of strip.